Monday, September 30, 2013

September 23rd-September 29th

Monday: 8.4 miles (7:18). Quads are destroyed; 5.6 miles (7:10)

Tuesday: 10.2 miles (6:47); 6 miles (7:37)

Wednesday: 5.3 miles (7:03); 10.7 miles with eight strides (6:51)

Thursday: 11.6 miles with two strides and 20x1:00 on/off. Was planning on running 400s, but getting this done during my lunch break made more sense rather than making it a two hour track thing. Wanted to average sub 4:40 for the fast portion and ran 7.16 miles for the 40 minutes for a 5:35 average and just over 4:30 pace on the fast portion.  Slowly worked into these and my legs didn't have much pop but was able to recover well in between them.  Decent workout; 5.4 miles (7:48)

Friday: 5 miles (7:02); 9.1 miles (7:03); Used Mary's Massage Envy gift card so I could get a massage.  I've learned getting a massage from there is like going to McDonald's when you're craving a really good hamburger.  

Saturday: 8 miles (7:08); 3.5 miles (7:26). Was planning on 5.5ish miles and some hill sprints but my stomach was really hurting

Sunday: 9.4 miles (6:20). Was planning on 20 with my last five miles in 5:15-5:20 but my stomach started hurting 5.5 miles in and only got worse.  Besides the stomach, I was feeling really good; 11 miles with 9 mile progression run. Felt like these two sessions would balance out to give me somewhat of the same stress level as my original plan.  Plan was three miles sub 18:30, three miles sub 17:15 and four miles sub 21:20.  Ran 18:20, 17:04 and 16:00.  Legs really achy on the first portion, second portion was a little bit better and I struggled with the third and only ran three miles, instead of four.  A little disappointing because this pace should be pretty easy. 

Week Total: 109.3 miles. Decent volume post marathon.  The marathon jacked me up a lot more than expected.  Maybe my effort level during it wasn't too bad but the downhill nature of the course destroyed my legs.  I really wish I would have run five minutes slower, but oh well.  Towards the end of the week, I would struggle during my second run of the day and wanted to just stop and walk.  I'm visiting the doctor Monday to check my iron levels and am hoping to get in a good week with two hard sessions and an easy long run.


  1. Pretty good week. Maybe backing off just a little will allow you to get a bit more of a fitness boost from the marathon. My week was similar, ~100 miles with one light workout. And I've come off that feeling really good.

  2. Yeah, that's what I should have done. I was ok shortly after Rocket City and Country Music Marathons, but then again, I was in better shape and didn't have to run down a canyon for the first 14 miles.

    I finally have my legs back and should have run a little less last week. It seems like you are playing your cards really well. You're going to be ready to roll in Indy.