Monday, September 16, 2013

September 9th-15th

Monday: 10 miles (6:45); 5.6 miles (7:31)

Tuesday: 7.3 miles (6:50); 8.1 miles (7:07)

Wednesday: 5 miles (6:58); 11.7 miles with 6400m tempo on the track. Goal for the tempo was sub 20:20 and ran 20:03 (5:02, 5:01, 5:01, 4:59). Felt like crap on the warm-up but the tempo felt good. I was planning on doing 2x400m afterwards, but I was getting a pretty bad side-stitch from eating dinner right before this and I didn't want to wear out my legs for Saturday.

Thursday: 10.2 miles (6:43); 5.4 miles (7:30)

Friday: 5.8 miles (6:56); 6 miles with 4xstrides and 4xhill blasts (7:15ish)

Saturday: 14.8 miles with 8k race. Ran in Vanderbilt's Commodore Classic. I always run by effort but I was expecting to hang behind the pack for 3-4 miles before making my campaign for the win.  After 200m, I had a nice sized lead, built it up to around 10s by the mile, 20s by the middle and did my best to maintain that without having to work too much.  The footing was really bumpy and I felt really slow on the thick grass and hills. Shut it down a good bit the last half mile and got the win by nine seconds in 24:49. Mile splits were: 4:47, 5:07, 10:10 (2 miles), 4:45 (.97). Motivating race because it felt pretty relaxed. If I would have hammered, I feel like I could have run at least in the 24:teens on what's a pretty slow course.

Sunday: 20.1 miles (6:18). Ran this a few hours later than normal.  The weather wasn't too bad and I felt like running with some calories in my body and with some extra sleep would be better being I raced yesterday and have a marathon next weekend. Quads were a little achy but I felt pretty good.  Around 15 miles in, I was getting insanely thirsty and would scavenge around neighborhood entrances signs for a water hose but came up short.  Luckily, I found a house a couple of miles from my house at the quarry.  The water was hot and tasted like chemical crap but it did the trick.

Week Total= 110 miles.  Pretty decent week.  The tempo run was nice and smooth and the race was an indicator that things are going in the right direction.  While I'm not fit yet, I'm getting there. I have a marathon next weekend and the plan is to get in a nice, steady session and if I feel good, roll a bit towards the end.  Should be fun.


  1. Is the marathon part of a training build up for another race? Solid weeks of training.

  2. Yeah, the focus is CIM in 12 or whatever weeks and to be fresh enough afterward to run well in the Boson Half in three weeks. I'm planning on using this as a long, fast run like I did with the Country Music and Rocket City Marathons. Will run it around 95% of marathon effort.

    With my long fast runs, I'll run in the AM on an empty stomach and not take in any calories during the run. Since this is much longer than my usual fast run, I'm planning on a big breakfast and fueling like a real race. With some extra easy running the days before and after the marathon, I'm hoping it won't do much more damage than a typical long, fast run.

    Ideally, I'd like to run that effort and get the win but I'll throw down a bit if I have to.