Monday, September 16, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

Man, finally getting these done on a Monday.  I watched a couple Netflix movies this week.  The first was Safe Haven, which was a movie chosen by the wife.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed to admit I like a good Nicolas Sparks flick.  This one started out boring, got sort of good towards the end and then had the most ridiculous ending of all time.  The second movie I watched, End of Watch, was much better.

File:End of Watch Poster.jpg
End of Watch is a low-budget crime movie. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike Pena, who play two young LA cops.  They film most of their activities on a video camera for a film project, which gives the movie a documentary type feel to it.  You get an insiders view about their lives and who they are as individuals, as well as the ups-and-downs of police life.  You can also sense the tight, brotherly bond they share but I guess you have to get close to someone if you spend all day with them in a car.

The cops get into more than their fair share of action and usually come out on top.  But they start to get in over their heads and unknown to them, are hunted by the Mexican cartel.  The movie can get slow at times but overall, I liked the format of the movie.  Yeah, there were a couple major plot holes at the end but I still found it to be a good watch.

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