Thursday, June 23, 2016

Back from the Dead

Last three weeks training

Monday: 5.8 miles with 5k in 15:27.  I was going to run the 5k but Connor Kamm came down to try and put a whooping on me before he ran off and moved to Michigan.  It was a billion degrees and I didn't want to go out like that, so I chumped out and ran the 5k.  The joke was on him.  I ran a 4:46 first mile to shake off the high schoolers and then cruised it in. Man, it was hot; 6.3 miles (7:21)

Tuesday: 8.7 miles (6:43); 5 miles (7:02)

Wednesday: 3.8 miles (7:12); 8.1 miles (6:58)

Thursday: 7.2 miles (7:12) and then 2.8 miles (7:56); 5.4 miles (7:11)

Friday: 4.1 miles (8:27); 3.1 miles (7:13)

Saturday: 14.9 miles with the Hillbilly Half-Marathon in 1:19:02.  Really humid and a hilly course.  I was going to cruise around 6:00 pace and then pick it up if I was feeling good, but I just hung around 6:00 and then slowed down the last 5k because I was tired of that stupid course. Fun race, though!

Sunday: 8 miles (7:10); 3.7 miles (7:23)

Week Total: 86.9 miles. I was surprised the 5k felt so smooth, especially the opening mile.  I need more mileage though.

Monday: 3.5 miles (7:56), 2.1 miles (8:49); 7.5 miles (7:19)

Tuesday: 5.1 miles (7:06); 8.9 miles (6:39)

Wednesday: 6 miles (7:30ish?); 9.4 miles (7:06)

Thursday: 6.3 miles (7:11); 6.8 miles (7:16)

Friday: 9.8 miles (7:58); 3.1 miles (8:33).  

Saturday: 7.6 miles (6:59); .5 miles (7:57). Sciatic nerve was absolutely wrecking me. I couldn't run a stride without having my leg buckle.

Sunday: 5.8 miles (7:09). Sciatic nerve again.

Week Total: 82.4 miles. 80s ain't enough.

Monday: 10.1 miles (7:51); 5.5 miles (7:21)

Tuesday: 6.5 miles (6:25). After a slow first mile, ran a little faster than easy and ran the last two miles at 6:00ish, which killed me in that heat.  3.9 miles (7:14); 5.4 miles (7:09)

Wednesday: 7.6 miles (7:57); 7.2 miles (6:53)

Thursday: 7.7 miles (6:42); 3.1 miles (8:52). I was completely crawling on this for some reason.

Friday: 10.7 miles (7:30ish); 4.5 miles (7:28)

Saturday: 5.4 miles (6:51); 3.9 miles with 6x pick-ups (7:01)

Sunday: 13.1 miles (6:45). Planned on doing 20 but started struggling in the heat around nine miles and knew at 10 miles, it was going to get ugly if I stuck to my route.  Crawled the last few.

Week Total: 94.6 miles. I totally would have run 100 miles this week if it weren't for yesterday.  I'm also getting in quite a bit of slower running in the mornings with Super Squad practice, so I need to counteract that with strides and light workouts.

I'm shooting for 100 miles this week but will be in Panama City Beach from Saturday, onward, so it'll be tough.