Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 18th-24th Training

Monday: 7.5 miles (7:45); 6.3 miles (6:59)

Tuesday: 9.2 miles with 4xhill blasts (7:34); 6.8 miles (7:02)

Wednesday: 9.5 miles with 2x800m with 400m jog.  Plan was 4x800m because I was pushed for time because of practice and the goal was to run faster than last time (2:23ish), with 1/2 the recovery jog.  First one was 2:24 and got a little bit tough and the second I really struggled on and ran 2:23.  I wasn't sure if I had time for four anyway and I was absolutely dead. On each of the two, I felt good for the first 300-400m before rapidly getting worn out.  Made a doctor's appointment when I got home.

Thursday: 11.2 miles (6:46); 5.4 miles (7:23)

Friday: 8 miles (7:34); 5.2 miles with strides (7:44)

Saturday: 9.5 miles with four mile race in 21:52. Plan was to just get the win and I was pacing Alex Ponce to run 5:30ish pace. I had a small lead at two miles but noticed the guys in third and fourth passed Alex.  I didn't want one of them catapult to me, so I ran a 5:09 third mile to build a 20ish second lead, followed by backing off the last mile; 5.4 miles (7:24)

Sunday: 17.6 miles (6:52). Met Sean Brown, who has the same exact marathon time as me and recently moved into town.  We ran with Hunter Hall and Alex Payne for a few miles before they branched off. I was planning on running 20 but after 14-15 miles, I was feeling like garbage and had a death march the last mile.  Easily, the most worn-out I've been after a run all year.

Week Total: 101.6 miles. Rough week because I wanted to be a few weeks into my speed work phase but I haven't done a single workout I'm happy with yet.  I ended up getting my blood tests back and my iron was fine, which surprised me.  However, my hematocrit and hemoglobin have taken a big nose dive, my RDW was the highest I've ever seen it and my MCV was the lowest I've ever seen it.  Looks like a case of anemia for me, which happened two summers ago, which was diagnosed as hemolytic anemia.  Maybe it's the same thing again but this will cramp my style for a while.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 11-17th Training

Monday: 9.2 miles (8:18); 6.3 miles (6:59)

Tuesday: 7.7 miles (7:00); 6.2 miles with strides (7:06)

Wednesday: 8.9 miles (7:50); 6.1 miles (7:08)

Thursday: 11.8 miles with bailed tempo. Got was four miles on the track, working from 5:20 to 5:10.  Went out way too hard on the first lap, so I decided to change it to 4x1 mile at 5:10-5:15 with 60s rest.  Ran 5:12 on the first one and about 3/4 of a mile through the second, my legs started shutting down and it was getting insanely hot.  Was dragging butt through cross country practice afterwards and saw the dew point was 75 after ending the tempo.; 4.5 miles (7:15)

Friday: 11.3 miles (7:30); 3.7 miles (7:13)

Saturday: 6.8 miles with 5k in 16:48. Had 2.5 hours sleep because I saw Del the Funky Homosapien last night and I almost decided to turn off my alarm clock.  Struggled through the first mile in 5:15ish with Karl Lamke and then was able to start pulling away.  Was struggling some on the last mile, so I slammed on the brakes to the 5:40s

Sunday: 20 miles (6:24). Good long run.  Was getting really balmy out there and was going to cut it to 16 until I got the genius idea to add some mileage running around in the shade.  Glad to knock out my first 20 in a while.

Week Total: 102.5 miles. Glad to surpass 100 miles again.  Didn't get in the intensity I wanted but that will eventually come.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back from the dead...again.

Monday: 10 miles (7:45). 2.17 at practice, which slowed my pace; 6.3 miles (7:12)

Tuesday: 7.4 miles (7:35). Same as above; 8.5 miles with strides(6:55)

Wednesday: 8.3 miles (8:03). I'm tired of writing about how my pace slowed down; 7.1 miles (6:54)

Thursday: 9.8 miles (7:35); 3.1 miles (7:20)

Friday: 10.1 miles (7:31)

Saturday: No running.
Drove to Panama City Beach.

Sunday: 8 miles (6:58)

Week Total: 78.6 miles. Was hoping for 100 but the beach killed it.  I will probably just run once a day next week because you know, I'm on vacation.

Monday: 9 miles (6:16). Slight, random progression.

Tuesday: 8 miles (6:57)

Wednesday: 6.5 miles with 5k in 16:29. Ran a small, local 5k at a state park and ended up meeting a guy from Tennessee.  I was going to run in the upper 15s and opened up with a 5:05 but man, it got miserably hot, so after two miles, I didn't feel like running that pace anymore.

Thursday: No running. Nasty thunderstorm.

Friday: 6.4 miles (6:55)

Saturday-Sunday: No running. Travelling and lazy.

Week Total: 29.9 miles. Middle school mileage.

Monday: 7.8 miles (7:30); 6.8 miles (7:08)

Tuesday: 8.2 miles (7:14); 6.1 miles (6:52)

Wednesday: 7.2 miles (7:26); 6 miles with strides (7:10)

Thursday: 9.6 miles (7:05); 3.6 miles (6:57)

Friday: 9.3 miles (7:09); 6.6 miles (7:09

Saturday: 7.8 miles with 4x800m with 800m jog.
My first workout in forever and it was miserably humid.  The plan was to run my 800s at 2:25ish and I ended up running each one faster with times between 2:24.6-2:23.4. First one wasn't bad, second one felt better (accidentally took 400m jog after this one), third one was rough and the fourth was miserable.  I'm way out of shape and it felt like everything was working against each other and I was really sloppy.  That's actually a better sign than being smooth and dying because it means I have a lot of improving left to do. I can only go up from here.; 5 miles (7:16)

Sunday: 16.1 miles (6:33). First completed long run in forever.  It was a good distance because I was getting really thirsty around 14 and my legs were starting to ache after that.  I could tell that my muscles had some trouble with the volume and I have a lot of work to do.  But at least I got it done.

Week Total: 100.1 miles. FINALLY, a 100 mile week.  Granted it wasn't the prettiest thing, but it got done.  I feel like I'm finally coming around mentally, even though I'm absolutely hating the summer heat and humidity.

My plan is to now stay above 100 miles a week through most of October, unless I get sick or something.  I will also start doing some slightly structured workouts and hope to be firing pretty well by late August.

Recently, I've been the dude researching diets on the internet while finishing off his "last" box of donuts, but I feel like I'm ready to train again.