Monday, September 9, 2013

September 2nd-8th Training

Monday: 18.2 miles with 10k (31:57) and 5k (15:30). Plan was to run 32:00/15:30ish, so it was right on target.  The 10k was pretty warm and had some company on my butt for the first mile before I broke away a bit.  Rolling course with balanced splits of 4:59, 5:08, 5:05, 5:08, 5:20, 5:16, 61. Pretty relaxed effort and was probably a little slower than tempo.  5k was alone from the get-go with balanced splits of 4:53, 5:09, 5:28 (1.1). The sun came out for this one and the misery index was probably around 150.  Felt like I ran this one slightly slower than 10k effort; 3.1 miles (7:28)

 Tuesday: 8 miles (6:50); 7 miles (7:23)

Wednesday: 7 miles (6:54); 8 miles with drills, 8xsoccer field strides, 5xhill blasts (7:10 for the run, minus the strides)

Thursday: 5.9 miles (6:47); 12.4 miles with drills, 8xsoccer field strides and 10x2:00 on/off.  Ran the fartlek on my own version of Newton Hills, which is almost a clone of Boston. Started out a little more relaxed and started working pretty hard 5-6 in.  Fate would have it that nearly all of the fast portions included a good bit of uphill running, which whooped my butt.  Ended up averaging 4:51 pace for the fast running and 5:41 pace for the 40 minutes.  I ran pretty hard, and recovered well between them but can tell my speed and power is still pretty bad right now. 

Friday: 4.6 miles (7:13); 10.7 miles (6:51)

Saturday: 9.5 miles (6:56); 4.8 miles with 4xlazy strides and 4xhill blasts (7:43)

Sunday: 19.9 miles with 16 miles medium. Bribed Connor Kamm and Ben Li with cinnamon rolls, smoothies and cereal if they came up and ran with me.  Ended up averaging 5:33 for the 16 miles with loop splits of  22:19, 22:04, 21:49, 21:53 and finished out the last .18 miles at 4:30 pace. I was shooting for mid 5:40s on the first loop but we got rolling pretty quick. Anytime I noticed the pace dipping under 5:30, I'd back off some.  First two loops were really easy, started getting mentally tired on the third loop and my legs got a little bit of that dull, flat feeling on the last loop.  Never struggled on the hills and the fast finish felt nice and smooth.  Having company out made things a ton easier.  This was five seconds a mile faster than last time, four miles longer and felt much more controlled. Running this at the tail end of a heavy week was a good confidence booster. I feel like controlled 5:30s will be very attainable in two weeks.

Week Total=119.1 miles. Good, solid week. I was hoping to be in sub 64 half-marathon shape in about six weeks but I'm not sure how realistic that is right now.  I don't "feel" fit at all right now but the heat and dew point are deceiving.  Next week, I have the Commodore Classic on the agenda. A few weeks ago, I was hoping for a controlled 24:30 but now I feel like I may have to throw down to stay ahead of the college kids. We will see.

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