Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby #2

On Wednesday at 7:10 pm, my second kid was born weighing in at eight pounds and four ounces and 20 inches long.  The Wietecha name will now hopefully live on with Ellis Hudson Wietecha.  We had a heck of a hard time naming the kid and we didn't have a name set in stone until the final week.   We told a few people his first name before the birth but no one knew the full name until he was born.  I'm surprised I was able to keep a secret for that long, because I'm normally like Michael Scott when it comes to secrecy. 

The original due date was September 2nd, but since he was already pretty big, they scheduled an induction date, which obviously was August 28th,.  Hospital life wasn't for me and I was getting pretty stir crazy being stuck in that room but after he was born, it was all worth it.

But after that, we were still stuck there for almost 48 more hours.  Yeah, it was cool being able to order food for "my wife" whenever I wanted but the only thing that was good was the sweet potato fries and chicken quesadillas.  I was longing for real food because the only other thing we had besides cafeteria food was fast food and candy, but luckily my mom brought me a stash of Powerbars and when my buddies Ted, Justin and Hunter came to see me, they snuck in some beer. 

Ellis is a super laid back baby and his name suits him well.  He barely ever cries and is content to lay still against your chest.  Maybe if he had a black mohawk and was ripped coming out of the womb, Jett would be a better name, but Ellis seems to be a perfect fit.  People ask where we came up with the name and I honestly don't remember.  I was on a big "last names as a first name" kick for a while and I liked Elias a lot, so maybe I came up with Ellis because of that. Who knows, but it's a fitting name.

All of the former names we expected to name him before they lost their number one status (sort of in order): Finn, Maddox, Miles, Weston, Jack, Jaxon, Davis, Tate, Camden,  Jett, and probably a few more I'm forgetting.

All of the cool names that I really liked that Mary instantly vetoed: Alistair, Liam, Serj, Sebastian, Jonas, Jansen, Jamison, Elias, Reed, Titus, Mirko, Maciek, Elias and a bunch of other really freaking cool names

But now with a girl and a boy, the circle is complete.  Maybe having three kids would be cool, but I'm too poor.

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