Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16th-22nd Training

Monday: 4 miles (6:59); 10.3 miles (7:12)

Tuesday: 9.1 miles (6:57); 6.8 miles with 8xstrides (7:05)

Wednesday: 5 miles (7:15); Was going to do a track workout, but a parent picked their kid up 1.5 hours late from running club and I still had a ton of crap to do when I got home. Started my warm-up but didn't have the mental energy and time to get in 12+ miles, with a lot of fast running.

Thursday: 6 miles with 6x3:00 on/1:00 off. 3am wake-up for this and ran it about tempo effort at the pace I would run ten in.  Short warm-up with a couple strides and then into the workout.  Averaged 4:53 for the fast portion and 5:27 for the 24 minutes.  Not a bad session considering how early it was, lack of good warm-up and the course (up and down a .6 mile section that climbs/drops a little over 40 feet each way). 7.1 miles (7:05)

Friday: 8 miles (6:56); Was going to run again but heard two Kenyans might show up tomorrow, so I skipped the run.

Saturday: 27 miles with Top of Utah Marathon in 2:22:30. I'll put the recap up tomorrow or Wednesday.  OK effort I guess but could feel the altitude 18-19 miles in.  Was getting a little tired after 24 miles, so I shut it down quite a bit.  Quads sore at the end.

Sunday: No running. Full day of traveling. Quads sore.

Week Total: 83.3 miles. Lower volume than I wanted but I skipped 20+ miles of running.  Content with the marathon but wasn't expecting my quads to get so sore.  I'm behind the fitness level I want to be at and I have a half-marathon in three weeks, so I need to figure out a good schedule to get me back in the right direction. I'm also 5+ pounds heavier than I should be right now, so I need to cut out some of the crap.

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