Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Netflix Pick of the Week

Everyone I know who has seen The Grey falls into one of two parties. They either think it's a good movie or insanely boring. I end up siding with the former. 

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In the movie, John Ottway, played by Liam Neeson, is a rough and manly Alaskan, who was hired by an oil rig to hunt wolves who try to attack the attackers.  Pretty alpha guy.  His wife has died and he lives in the state that has the highest percentage of depressed people in the US. He nearly commits suicide before deciding to go on with life.

After his job is done, he boards a plane back to civilization with a bunch of other oil rig guys.  Too bad the plan crashes in the middle of nowhere. While most of the people died in the crash, there is a small group of guys remaining.  Shortly after banding together, they are attacked by wolves.  Of course, everyone freaks out and Ottway informs them that the wolves aren't trying to eat them but are trying to kill them for invading their turf.  And it's not a situation where they can just cross the railroad track because wolf territory is pretty freaking big.

One-by-one, the men start to go down and they freak out even more.  Ottway serves as the group leader even though a couple jerks aren't happy about it.  Not only must they battle the wolves but their own egos as well as they try and make it back to safety, if that ever really exists.

While the movie is indeed, slow, I really enjoyed seeing the different character traits of the group and seeing how people respond when it all hits the fan.  Rather than an intense thriller, I see this much more on the lines of a drama film. Roger Ebert said it had "unrelenting harshness".  That's a quality about the movie I liked.  It's not overly optimistic or happy, it' how reality would really be if you were stuck in that situation.

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