Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Netflix Pick of the Week

The Following is a TV show that debuted on FOX earlier this year.  Season two starts sometime next year and they've just added season one on Netflix.  I really got into this show and was really impressed with the first season.

The Following follows FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as he tries to capture serial killer, Joe Carroll, after he escapes from prison.  Carroll's mannerisms and personality remind me a little bit like Hannibal Lector, except he doesn't eat people (I don't think).  But before Carroll escaped, he slowly built up and groomed a large network of serial killers to do his bidding and cling to every word he says.

Carroll has a major beef with Hardy with the endgame of kidnapping his son and murdering his Hardy's ex-wife (who Hardy stole from Carroll).  The show is pretty intense and can get pretty dark at times, especially for network TV.  I tried to get Mary to watch it but she only lasted until someone got stabbed in the eyeball with a screwdriver, just a few minutes into the first episode.

This would have been a great one-season show but I'm interested to see how season two turns out.  Hopefully it doesn't go in a hundred different directions and die an ugly death like so many other shows do.


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