Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Netflix Movie of the Week

Since it's October and a bunch of new horror's have been added to Netflix, I have to add one of my favorite movies of all time, Evil Dead 2.  And it even is supposed to take place in Tennessee! 

Evil Dead 2 is obviously the second movie in the Evil Dead franchise, which is written and directed by Sam Raimi.  The first one was super low-budget and pure horror.  Well, that's the genre it fit in.  Evil Dead 2 is about 50/50 horror and comedy and a much better film than the first one. In the first Evil Dead, five college students are on a vacation, deep in the isolated woods.  Since it was in the early 80s, I don't know how they could have even heard about the place.  There was no Craigslist or VRBO and I doubt it was high on a travel agent's list. But somehow they got there.  While there, they find an audiotape, which is then played.  It wasn't the best idea because the tape unleashes a legion of demons, which then go on to possess some of the college kids and then chaos ensues.

The second film starts where the first one ends.  Ash (Bruce Campbell) wakes up after getting KO'd by a tree.  When dawn comes, the spirits (deadites) go away but they come back at dusk.  Ash is again trying to battle them before he gets possessed and is helped inhibited by a group of people who have stumbled upon the cabin. 

This movie is a much watch for any horror movie.  It's even in my movie Hall of Fame.  I don't what exactly that means or entails but it's in there.

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