Monday, July 22, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

The movie Super has been popping up on my Netflix screen for the past few weeks but I haven't really give it a second thought.  When reading a thread on (sort of like the MMA version of the message board.  They play it smart by having a main, MMA board and a random board. Letsrun, take notes!) Anyway, a few people suggested it and even though my running buddy Vance said it was just "ok" I gave it a shot.

Super is a black comedy that stars Rainn Wilson as Frank, who is somewhat of a boring, unappealing guy who lives a life of dissapointment.  In fact, his two best fondest memories are getting married and directing the cops to a purse snatcher, which he depicted in a crayon drawing that hangs on his wall for inspiration.

His wife gets addicted to drugs and ends up leaving him for Jacques, played by Ted Towse Kevin Bacon.  Frank goes into a depressive state until he feels he is chosen by God to become a superhero.  He accepts his divine role, with the goal of defeating Jacques and getting his wife back.  He heads to a comic book store for some motivation and tips on superhero efficiency and how to best fight crime.  At the comic book store, he meeets Libby (Ellen Page) who helps him begin his quest.

Frank dubs himself the Crimson Bolt, starts off with a homemade suit and a wrench and is focused on laying down the whooping on drug dealers, pedophiles and even line-cutters.  It doesn't take much time until he becomes a media sensation and is first viewed as a violent maniac until he starts to win the public's favor.

Eventually, Libby finds out Frank's secret and joins in as his sidekick, Boltie.  Together, they work together to keep the streets safe while planning the ultimate attack on Jacques and his group of drug dealing thugs.

I actually enjoyed this movie a lot of and it feels like a indie and more dark version of Kick-Ass (one of my favorite movies). The violence is over the top and it's pretty graphic and dark, so don't watch it with the mom or junior.  It had me laughing most of the time, has a good soundtrack and is a movie I will be able to watch again and again.

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