Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 8th-14th

Monday: 5.6 miles (6:57); 5.5 miles (7:30ish)

Tuesday: 6.3 miles (6:57); 3 miles (7:06)

Wednesday: 8.8 miles (6:27) Plan was .7 warm-up, eight rolling miles at 5:50ish and then finish up the rest of the 9.6 mile route easily.  Got in just under 4 miles in the mid/upper 5:40s and then said "enough of this."  Too freaking hot outside.  I was pretty thirsty from the get-go and didn't feel like overdoing this.

Thursday: 10.2 miles. Plan was 3 miles at 18:30, 17:15, 16:00.  Ended up running 18:08 (5:58, 6:06, 6:04), 17:04 (5:41, 5:41, 5:42) and 5:58 for 1.16 miles (5:18 pace).  First two sections were much easier than expected but the heat really started getting to me on the last portion.  The pace wasn't particularly hard and it felt easy on my legs, I just felt like I was pushing harder than I needed to.  It's early on in training, so I didn't feel the need to continue; 3.4 miles (7:27)

Friday: 10.6 miles (6:22); 3.4 miles (7:32)

Saturday: 7.5 miles with 4xhill blasts (6:39)

Sunday: 9.6 miles (6:41).  Since I had two shortened sessions, I was planning on getting a gradual 16 mile progression.  I felt like crap from the get-go, so I just ran easily.  I did some lunges and drills before the hill sprints yesterday evening, so maybe the legs are just beat up a bit.; 6.8 miles (6:51)

Week Total=80.7 miles.  Happy with the volume but didn't like ending my three workouts early.  But it's still super early and I don't like forcing things at this point in my training.  I guess I'm like an almost potty trained kid.  I could probably poop in the toilet if I wanted to, but didn't mind going in my pull-ups this week.  

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