Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1st-7th Training

Monday: 5.5 miles (6:42)

Tuesday: 4.4 miles (6:59)

Wednesday:  No running. Felt like catching up on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones was more important than catching up on mileage.

Thursday: 8.4 miles with 5k race in 15:53.  Ran with Drew for about 3k, then Koko caught up.  Threw in a hard 600m and gapped him a good bit.  Garmin watch band broke in the last mile, so I had to go back for it. I ran this race hoping they would have a gift card to a running store because I need some new shorts, but they didn't. At least I got some free Chuy's.

Friday: 7.5 miles with 5k in 16:40ish. Don't remember the time.  Ran with some high school kids for a little over two miles and then left them.  Gotta defend my work town!

Saturday: No running. I hate running in the rain and it rained all day. Yeah, I was a sissy, but it's the off-season.

Sunday: 9.5 miles (6:24)

Week Total: 35.4 miles. Lowest mileage week in a long time.  I was planning for around 60 miles or so, but was mentally lazy.  Training hard is physically taxing, but moreso mentally.  I needed a break and don't really have any desire right now, which is fine for this point of the year.  Next week, I'll get in a couple moderate runs and shoot for around 80 miles (if it doesn't rain).

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