Monday, July 1, 2013

Netflix Move Monday

I never thought I'd find a movie that would be as "bad" as Troll 2, but I came pretty stinking close with Miami Connection, which was written by and stars YK Kim.  It was filmed in 1987 but quickly disappeared.  Kim spent a cool million on the film and expected it would explode into the national scene, only to be told it was trash and one of the worst movies ever.  And it did disappear, until someone bought it on Ebay for $50, which got the movie rolling to its cultlike modern-day status. 

The movie is about a rock band/group of orphans/University of Central Florida students who are all Taekwondo blackbelts.  I guess during the 80s, people still thought it was an effective means of self-defense and hey, it looks cool.

The band seems to be a decent group of guys and even their rock songs sing about being friends for eternity.  They seem to be happy, positive people until a group of ninjas takes control of the drug scene.  Dragon Sound's (the name of the band) next act is to defeat the ninjas, thugs and everyone else involved.

You wont find anything Grammy winning in this flick, but you will find tons of terrible acting, cheesy special effects, embarrassingly catchy 80s songs and a Korean guy named Chang (who could've guessed) laying down some whoopings. 

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