Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24th-30th Training

Monday: 9.6 miles (6:37); 5.5 miles (7:21)

Tuesday: 7.5 miles (7:08); 4.5 miles (7:29)

Wednesday: No running. Came down with the puke bug I spent last week trying to avoid.  Better now than last week.

Thursday: 4.6 miles (7:13)

Friday: 3.9 miles with strides (7:05). Was planning on some 400s, but legs felt really drained.

Saturday: 4.2 miles.  Started a workout, but legs didn't feel like moving.

Sunday: No running

Week Total: 39.8 miles. The plan was to run Peachtree but I decided to go ahead and start my break.  Mentally, I'm pretty worn out and my body got pretty jacked up with the sickness. Not sure how many miles I will run next week, but I'll get in some easy mileage and may do a 4th of July race for fun.

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