Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 25th-July 1st Training

Monday: 6.4 miles on the trails (6:50ish); 5.6 miles (7:00)

Tuesday: 7.4 miles (6:23); 3.6 miles with 4xhill blast (6:57)

Wednesday: 8 miles (6:02) with 6.56 miles medium (5:46); 5.7 miles (6:48)

Thursday: 13 miles on the trails (8:15ish)

Friday: 5.3 miles (6:41); 4.5 miles (7:27)

Saturday: 7.6 miles with 5k race ( 15:23).  Race was out-and-back on the Whitehouse Greenway, which is always a tough course.  Not sure how accurate this course was because it started and finished in a different spot from last year and the mile markers were inconsistent.  Ran this around tempo effort.

Sunday: 4 miles (7:01); 9.1 miles (6:43)

Week Total= 80.2 miles. Just an easy base-building week with a sprinkling of intensity.  Next week, I'll shoot for around 100 miles. I've been drowning in myself in coke and have been chowing down on a bunch of junk, so I need to clean that up a bit.  If I stopped running, I'd easily be 200 pounds in two years, and probably have diabetes within five.

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