Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Independence 5k

This was the third year in a row that I ran the Independence 5k in White House, TN.  It's definitely a small-town race, but because I do a lot of my training in White House and teach there as well, I always try to make it to their two annual races.

For the past three years, the course as been the same: start in the park, jump on the greenway and run mostly downhill until you hit the turnaround near the high school.  While last year, the turnaround people were confused what distance the race was and most of the top people ran anywhere from 4-6 miles, this year, the cone was in the right place and we were reminded to turnaround once we got to it.

Because I was still in my running downtime, I decided to run this around tempo effort.  When the race started, I talked to Dave Schmanski for a minute or so, before taking off.  The mile markers  were in a different spot than last year, so I ignored my splits and just kept a steady effort.  After turning around, I tried to stay strong on the uphills but started to fizzle out a bit, so I backed off some and cruised it in.  My finishing time on my watch was 15:23, which isn't too bad on that course, especially with the 90 degree weather.  Racheal Mason, a third grade teacher at my school won the women's race, so it was a clean H.B. Williams Elementary sweep!

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