Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 9th-15th Training

Monday: 11.1 miles with 9.8 mile medium progression. Goal was 4 miles@6:20, 3 miles@5:55, 3 miles@sub 5:30. Ended up averaging 6:10, 5:50, 5:29.  Struggled a bit on the last portion, but I always do early on in the off-season, especially when it's so humid; 5.5 miles (7:18)

Tuesday: 9 miles (6:41); 4.5 miles (7:10)

Wednesday: 13 miles (6:40) with 8 miles medium (5:50).  Ran the first four miles of the medium run with Vance and then branched off for an additional four miles. Felt really flat on this, when I normally feel really relaxed on these runs; 4 miles (7:19)

Thursday: 8 miles (6:40); 6 miles with 8xhill blasts (7:30). Felt decent on these

Friday: 7.8 miles (7:29); 5.7 miles (7:28)

Saturday: 8.2 miles with 5k race in 13:56. Course was actually 2.85, so no PR for me! Festus Chemaoi showed up and we went hard from the gun.  I split 4:41 for the first mile with Festus a few seconds ahead.  Caught him shortly before two miles, which was a 4:53 split and then backed off a bit towards the end to get the win.  The effort was much harder than I would have liked, even though this would have been pretty easy a month ago; 3.4 miles (7:26)

Sunday: 17 miles (6:27). Felt decent most of the way but got a bit tired towards the end.

Week Total= 103.2 miles. Good combination  of volume and intensity.  Felt a bit more sluggish on some of my higher quality days, so hopefully I'll feel better next week.

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