Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good App for Andriod or iphone

As much as I love running, I also like finding good deals and values. I'm not one of those crazy couponing people that buy stuff they will never use or one of those shopaholics who will check out the latest sale to save a few bucks when they could save more money by not shopping and putting that money towards debt. My wife and I are pretty frugal (cheap) and understand the importance of financial responsibility.  But if something comes up (especially if it's free) that is practical, I jump all over it.

I use Virgin Mobile for my cellular service. I got grandfathered in on the $25 unlimited text/data plan but unfortunately, it only comes with 300 minutes a month.  I've been looking for a app I can use over the network or wifi that doesn't use my monthly minutes. I tried out Groove IP but the quality is terrible.  Vonage has a decent app that's free for a limited time right now that can make free calls to any landline or cell phone in the USA, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

You can download it at  The quality is pretty decent and is definitely worth checking out.


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  2. just read pretty much your whole blog...really enjoyed it...thanks for the inspiration and congrats on your solid performances so far this year. keep up the good work...brian shelton.

  3. Thanks for the support Brian. You need to come up to Nashville for some racing or training sometime. Are you training for a fall marathon?

  4. we should try to get in a few runs together. are you heading to chicago? i actually just started my buildup for memphis, which despite not having any prize money (and therefore less depth to the field) is somewhere i really want to run again. i will be familiar with the course and the mentality you need to approach it and really want to face my demons (of inappropriate pacing and a mental collapse on the second half) head on again. i know there is a sub-2:30 in me, and i really want to get it out while life and my body cooperate.

    i did a bunch of vo2 and 10k pace work this summer, and although that didn't lead to the improvements i'd like to have seen, i can already tell that it makes half mara and mara pace seem just plain comfortable.

    i just put together my best consecutive weeks ever (92 & 95) and am using mark hadley's approach. the examples on his website are perfect for me. i've only gone over 10.5 hours or mid 90s a few times before this (most of those were in 2010), but do have enough consistency in the 60s-80s that such stuff isn't really stimulating enough to create the type of improvement i'm after. i feel pretty confident that frequent 90s and occasional 100s with appropriate down time can finally provide the stimulus i need to breakthrough. my motto this season is "it's time to either breakthrough or breakdown." the fact that my speed focus didn't do much for me this summer confirms the fact that i'm probably the typical slow-twitch guy who needs to simply focus more on accumulating mileage even if means missing theoritical paces in the more aggressive workouts. as long i can hit mara and hm pace workouts on tired legs, i should be confident. and the exciting thing is that my lower mileage in the past leaves plenty of room for improvement.

    anyways...keep up the good work...and don't hesitate to reach out to can find my email addy on the store's web page.

    ps - there's a deep hm in atlanta on oct's part of the amica 13.1 series i think. i'm registered. if you're doing a november mara it might have your name written all over it.