Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 18th-24th Training

Monday: 6.1 miles (7:13); 5.5 miles (7:00ish)

Tuesday: No Running

Wednesday: 7.3 miles (7:09); 3 miles with 2xhill blasts (6:50). Only did two because my legs were still tired from the half-marathon and I had no pop at all

Thursday: No Running

Friday: 7.7 miles over the beast hills (7:22)

Saturday: 12.4 miles (7:30ish). Ran at Beaman Park for the first time.  Struggled some on the hills but really enjoyed this place and will come back at least a couple of times a month.

Sunday: No Running

Week Total= 42 miles.  With my goal marathon less about four months away, I can't afford to get way out of shape, like I enjoy doing after my final race of the season.  The outside of my quads were really sore from running at Beaman Park.  I think trails show a lot of underlying weakness and are great for building strength in your running muscles. Next week, I'll still do easy stuff but try to run around 80 miles.  I'm also surprised with how easy 7:00 pace felt this week.  I think it shows the importance of running on tired legs and building up that cumulative fatigue. When in doubt, run slower and run more.

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