Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 28th- June 3rd Training

Monday: 12 miles (5:58) with 10 miles medium (5:40). Rolling course and humid but felt good; .4 miles. Rained out

Tuesday: No running. Stayed out late and had to wake up early.

Wednesday: 14 miles.  Ran a loop around the forest with Reed, did another lap fast, then a mile cooldown.  I had a lot of trouble running quickly in the forest because of all the rhythm changes.  Maybe I'll try a trail marathon or longer, but I could never run a short trail race; 3.4 miles (7:41)

Thursday: 9 miles (6:53); 5.4 miles (7:17)

Friday: 6.7 miles (6:54); 5.4 miles with strides (7:08)

Saturday: 1.5 miles (7:37); 7.8 miles with 5k race in 14:13.  Not happy with the race at all because I was expecting to break 14. First lap was a 68, I freaked out and dropped a 65 next lap and came through the mile in 4:26.  I wasn't comfortable at all and lost the pack after 2k.  I don't remember any splits after the 1600m and completely lost focus.

Sunday: 10.6 miles (6:51); 3.4 miles (7:32)

Week Total= 79.5 miles.  Was hoping for 95ish miles but the day off wrecked that.  The race also had me bummed for a couple of days.  It was a new personal best but I'm not happy with my mindset during the race. The trip to South Carolina threw my training off a bit, so next week I'll get a little more volume to make up for it.  Two weeks until my last race and then I can chill for a bit.

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