Monday, April 7, 2014

March 231st-April 6th Training

Monday-Wednesday: No running. After Monday, I had less of an old man limp.

Thursday: 4 miles (6:51). Butt/hip didn't hurt but my hamstings hurt at the attachment by my butt.

Friday-Sunday: No running. Friday, I was limping like an old man again and Saturday and Sunday, I was still in some pain.

Week Total: 4 miles. Lowest mileage week since May 2011.  This is really starting to bug me and I think the Spring season is about done. It hurts when I have to balance on one foot or do anything that uses the extensors in my butt (and it's still pretty swollen). It's frustrating because I wanted to run well at the US 10 mile and 25k championships. After Gate River, I really thought I was going to be in sub 48 shape this past weekend, so it was tough seeing everyone else duke it out at Cherry Blossom.  I was really impressed with Tim Young's sub 48. That dude is running really well this year.  And congrats to Newton teammate, Tyler McCandless, who qualified for the US 12k (assuming they have it again) Championships with his 8th place finish.  Hopefully I will be joining him, Stephen Pifer and Fernando Cabada, there if I can qualify at the 20k this September (we also had Jeremy Freed qualify as a Newton runner but that chump is working for Nike now) . Wade Oliver also ran really well.  We were shooting for at least sub 61:00 with 60:00 as a huge goal but he ended up running 58:45.

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