Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14th-20th Training

Monday: 3 miles (6:34); 6.3 miles (7:13)

Tuesday: 7 miles (6:44)

Wednesday: 4 miles (6:37); 10.5 miles with 9.04 mile moderate progression. Ran to Gallatin and Rd.x2 and then up-and-down Bison Way, which I figured would be at least nine miles.  Goal was three miles in 18:30, 17:15, 16:00.  Ended up running 18:08, 16:56, 15:47, with an extra 10s of running at the end. Normally I will struggle a bit on the faster portion at this point of the season but it felt really smooth.  I'm more fit than I thought.

Thursday: 7 miles (6:32)

Friday: 3.7 miles (6:58); 11 miles with 10 miles at medium effort. Goal was to start around 6:00 pace and work down to 5:30ish.  Averaged 5:36 and felt smooth for most of the way, except for getting really thirsty the last mile or so, which made me work a little bit harder.

Saturday: 9.1 miles (6:49)

Sunday: 13.4 miles (6:04). Was going to run 15 miles but left a few minutes late and was already pressed for time.  I was then going to make-up for it and run an easy 3-4 miles in the evening but I was feeling too lazy.

Week Total: 75 miles.  Felt much better this week, than last.  While I can tell I lost some of my motor, my basic endurance is still good.  This week, I'll run about 90 miles and take it pretty easy most of the week because I may be a complete idiot on Saturday.


  1. Run the marathon with only two long runs all year? Only a complete idiot would do that...