Monday, May 20, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

Finally, I get it done on Monday (as well as four other things).  Now, I just have to type fast, so I can unload my clothes and jump in bed because I'm insanely tired.

This weekend, I watched a movie I've never heard of before: The Perfect Host.  It had mixed reviews on (I always place more stock in the user reviews over the critics) but it sounded a little interesting, so I gave it a go.

The Perfect Host is yet again, another Black Comedy that was filmed in only 17 days.  With the help of his girlfriend, Simeone, John Taylor comes up with an elaborate bank robbing scheme.  While he is in a gas station trying to get some disinfectant for his foot, a girl robs the joint and gets away with his wallet.  His face appears on the TV, which is seen by the gas station worker, so John flees the scene and ditches his car.

He looks for a place to stay the night and comes upon the house of  overly eccentric, Warwick Wilson.  He checks Warrick's mail, sees a letter from Warrick's friend, Julia, and John pretends to be close with her.  Warrick is planning a dinner party but reluctantly lets John in.  John does his best to avoid the truth until the radio makes an announcement about him.  He then threatens to kill Warwick unless he follows his directions and cancels the dinner party.  Things are turning back in John's favor until he passes out because of some drugged wine and finds out Warwick is not the person he initially appeared to be.

From hear, the movie gets really good and was a bit of a rush.  Right when things hit a high point, you're left scratching your head and then don't get me started on the ending.  But all-in-all, this was a pretty fun movie and while it's no Last Supper, it's still a decent flick. 

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