Sunday, May 26, 2013

April 20-26 Training

Monday: 10 miles (6:28); 5.8 miles (7:07)

Tuesday: 10.6 miles bombed workout. My plan was 10x3:00 at sub 5:00 pace with 1:00 easy jog.  I felt really slow and flat at first, like I was running in grass or something.  My brain was telling my legs to go, but they were slow to move.  After 2-3 of these, it started to get pretty freaking hot.  It just got worse and worse, so I decided to switch it to 8x3:00 but after six of them, I was done.  I was speeding up throughout the workout and averaged sub 5:00 pace up to that point, so that's a good sign I guess.  But it was 82 degrees, 69 dew point, with no shade nor a cloud in the sky.; 6.8 miles with 12x.15 miles pick-up, .35 miles jog (6:27). I sometimes will run this workout after doing a moderate session earlier in the day, especially during marathon training when I need to stay in touch with, not build, my speed.  I like getting in some not too strenuous running on semi worn out legs.  Anyway, felt really good on these and averaged about 4:30 pace on the accelerations

Wednesday: 5.9 miles (6:44); 10.7 miles (6:35)

Thursday: 5.9 miles (6:52); 9.5 miles (6:32)

Friday: 5.7 miles (7:12); 14.1 miles with 4800m-3200m-1600m with 3:00 rest.  Weather was decent (upper 60s, low dew point) and my goal was to run sub 15:00, 9:40, 4:35.  4800m=14:55.  Got the metronome award on this one as I ran 4:58.77, 4:58.77, 4:57.87 on my splits.  Felt pretty relaxed.  3200m=9:33 (4:48, 4:45). I thought this would be really tough but I was just cruising.  1600m=4:22. Oops.  My goal was to run 68.XX's on my laps.  First lap was 66, I came through 800m in 2:12 and thought I could break 4:30.  I then came through 1200m in 3:18 and thought I would run 4:25.  Slight pick-up with 200m to go and another slight pick-up the final 100m with some heavy legs starting to creep up the last 20m.  Really pleased with this one because it felt pretty controlled and I feel like if I attacked from the start and ran all-out, I could have run close to 4:15.  This was also my fastest 1600m since 2005.  My mojo is slowly coming back.

Originally, I was planning on doing my Moneymaker workout (3200m@10k pace, 4:00 rest, 1600m@5k, 3:00 rest, 10x400m@3k or faster with 1:00 rest) but since Tuesday's session was cut short and then had some faster running later in the day, I figured I needed something a little longer today.

Saturday:  8.5 miles (6:57); 7.5 miles (6:58)

Sunday: 9.6 miles (6:41); 5.4 miles with 6xpick-ups (7:25)

Week Total= 116 miles.  At the end of Friday, I had a little over 120 for the prior seven days.  Bummed that I had to bag Tuesday's workout but mother nature made me do it.  But while she was being mean to me, she was also probably being nice to some people that I want to put a whooping on next month, so I need to modify better in the future.  That will be much easier now because school is now over for the summer! I can now sleep more than six hours a night, and can even take a nap when Kate takes hers.  And there will also not be a big candy jar staring me in the face, several times a day.  Next week will be another tough week with a road trip to Destin, FL on Saturday for a week.  My legs went from aching everyday, to feeling pretty light, so hopefully I'm on an upswing.

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