Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 25th-31st Training

Monday: 6.1 miles (7:20ish)

Tuesday: 6.3 miles (7:01);  9.1 miles (6:43)

Wednesday: 6 miles (7:10); 11 miles (5:48) with 10 mile medium progression (5:40). Plan was four miles at 24:40ish, three at 17:15ish and three at 16:00ish. Normally I would do this about 10 seconds faster, but slowed it down because of the fatigue I've been having. Ended up feeling surprisingly good.  Last 1.5 miles were a little tough but not too bad. Ended up running 24:12, 16:47, 15:42.

Thursday: 6 miles (7:11); 11 miles (6:46)

Friday: Skipped morning run. Was raining and I chose a nap instead; 14 miles with 10.67 miles medium (5:33). Plan was to run this in 5:30s and then do 4x1:00 hard/easy afterward. Skipped that segment because I felt that while good on paper, it would be overkill based on how I was feeling.  Hamstrings were insanely tight for a while.  Hit a rough patch at four miles, but made myself hang on.  Pace felt really slow on my legs but still a little bit tiring.  Was pretty dizzy/light headed at the end, so hopefully the issues aren't coming back again.

Saturday: 6 miles (7:29); 9.2 miles (6:40)

Sunday: 20 miles (6:07). Good long run.  Was initially planning on doing this at 6:25ish pace and if I felt good, throw in a short, moderate fartlek.  Decided to just run a little steadier instead.  Effort felt really relaxed and ran sub 6:00 pace the last 13 miles without any intentional pace increase.

Week Total: 104.7 miles. Decent weeks for a couple of skipped morning runs. Happy with my moderate workouts and my easy pace has been decent, but I think that's a result of having much less intensity, which makes me more fresh.  Pre-Boston Bail, my plan was to knock out 125-130 miles this week before tapering up.  Ran a full thyroid and iron panel on Thursday, so hopefully I find something out this week.  I've been taking my temperature a few times a day with my fancy new ear thermometer and it's never been above 96.3, which can occur with a slow thyroid.  This week, I'll throw in another moderater, longer workout and run a 5k race as a hard tempo, along with a long run.  My weight is the highest it's been in a couple of years.  Hoping I can blame that on the thyroid and not the copious amount of pizza, candy and ice cream I've eaten this week.

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