Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good Healthiesh Recipe

I've been trying to clean up my diet lately (story of my life), so I've been trying to make "better" choices.  I've been going to the candy jar once a day at work, opposed to several times a day.  I've been eating the occasional salad instead of driving by McDonalds for a McDouble and small fry.  I even ordered a small ice cream, when the large ice cream was only like twenty cents more.  I had to battle my sweet tooth and financial logic on that one, but I reigned supreme.

We don't have too many snacks at my house, but two of my go to snacks are snack crackers covered in honey and cake frosting spread over cinnamon grahams.  Both of those only take a couple of seconds to make and taste way too good.  Heck, even our Fiber one bars are really nothing but sugar, chocolate chips, some oats and a whole lot of fiber.  It's pretty much just a candy bar with some added fiber, but you get tricked because you think it's healthy.  Too combat all those cravings, I decided to start making my peanut butter oatmeal bars again, which are very easy to do and really aren't that bad for you. 

Throw all this crap in a bowl.  If you have a mixer that was given to your wife by her mother-in-law for Christmas, but you actually use it a ton more than she does, then it works perfectly.  If not, use a little bit of muscle and stir it yourself.

-Three cups oatmeal

-Half a cup of peanut butter

-One cup of milk

-Four scoops of chocolate protein powder.  I guess you could use any flavor, but chocolate works the best

-A few dashes of cinnamon

-Several packets of Splenda/Stevia/whatever.  I didn't have that stuff at my house, so I just used a little bit of sugar and some honey

-A few shakes of salt.

-Super sweet tooth addition (I try not to do this): a lot of chocolate chips

Stir all that stuff and when it's good to go, spread it on a baking dish and throw it in the fridge and it's ready to be eaten whenever you want.  The texture is similar to no-bake cookies, so drink something with it so you don't choke to death.  What you can also do (what I prefer) is to roll them into balls and keep them in the freezer.  There's not much liquid in there, so they don't get very hard, and are ready to eat right out of the freezer.

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