Monday, March 18, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

This week's movie is probably my least favorite movie that I've picked so far.  Yeah, Troll 2 was terrible, but it was an amazing type of terrible that deserves praise and respect.  I was drawn to The Frighteners because it was directed by Peter Jackson (you know, The Lord of the Rings guy).  It stars Michael J. Fox, as Frank Bannister, who after a car wreck that kills his wife, is able to see and communicate with ghosts.
He goes into depression mode after his wife dies and becomes friends with a few ghosts.  Obviously the man has bills to pay, so he starts a a ghost hunting business and gets his ghostly friends to haunt houses, so he can make some cash.  Frank's luck turns for the worse when the spirit of a mass murderer is unleashed from Hell, and can put whoopings on both the living and the dead.

Before the mass murderering ghost kills people, he marks them with a number.  Frank can see the numbers so he knows who the next victim will be and does his best to protect them.  This lands him in hot water with the police and he is viewed as a suspect.  Frank is then on the run from the police, while trying to save the marked individuals.

This movie is listed as a comedy-horror but it's only a little bit funny and not that scary.  But hey, it's Michael J. Fox's last live-action movie before going into semi-retirement.

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