Monday, March 4, 2013

February 25th-March 3rd Training

Monday: 5.9 miles (6:52); 5.3 miles (7:21) Planned on 10.8 miles but my legs felt like spaghetti and felt really weak

Tuesday: 9.6 miles (6:35); 6 miles (7:03)

Wednesday: 3.4 miles (7:19); 4 miles (6:46); 9.6 miles (6:26)

Thursday: 4 miles (6:43); 14 miles with 6x1600m with 400m jog recovery in 28:07 (4:45, 4:44, 4:41, 4:40, 4:39, 4:38). After not eating very much the past few days, my appetite came roaring back.  Downed some girl scout cookies and a granola bar on my way to Nashville (met up with Connor Kamm for the workout) and after the warm-up, I went to Connor's classroom and ate several cups of cereal because I was feeling so weak. The goal was to start around 4:45-4:50 and work down. First couple felt flat and then I loosened up. The pace was a little fast but I recovered really quickly and never had to force things.  I feel like I could have done two more at around the same effort and maybe four more if I wanted to push really hard.  I led the first one, ran beside Connor on the outside of lane one on the second interval, set the pace for the first 800m on the third and the last three, Connor led for the first 800m, before I took over the pace (went out in 2:21-2:22 those last three).  Pretty good workout. Pre-sickness, I was planning on hammering this but since I'm just coming back, I wanted to a moderately hard stimulus without killing myself.

Thursday: 5 miles (7:00); 12 miles with short warm-up and cool-down and 11 miles medium (5:30). With missing the long run Sunday and not hammering too hard yesterday, I felt like a medium run over some rolling hills would be good.  Goal was to average 5:40, which I stayed around the first three miles, but then I got rolling on the downhill portions.  Felt really smooth and pleased with the effort. 

Saturday: 9.1 miles (7:01); 5.9 miles (7:18)

Sunday: 20 miles with 5 miles fast at the end (5:58).  Felt really good early on and made myself put on the brakes because I was running sub 6:00 pace a few miles in.  Came through 14.5 at 6:11 pace and then started the fast portion.  My goal was to run under 5:10 average but I wasn't sure how it would be because of the hills.  Ended up averaging 5:13 with balanced splits of: 5:09 (equal rolling), 5:09 (equal rolling), 5:38 (1000m hill that gains about 150 ft), 5:07 (downhill), 5:03 (downhill).  I was a little bummed with the average but I was running hard.  I thought I would run sub 5:00 for sure the last two miles but there was a headwind running down Saundersville.  I'm probably also a little tired from the Thursday/Friday combo, which I really felt on the big hill; 3.2 miles (8:02)

Week Total= 117 miles.  Glad to have the sickness past me and I was able to get in a few good sessions this week.  I had a seven day period with only 65 miles and one hard day, but what can you do? Before catching that virus, my plan was to hammer the past few weeks and take an easy week this upcoming week in preparation for the Tom King Half-Marathon but since I missed some time, I'm going to have to train somewhat hard this week and go into the race with tired legs. Big picture over little one. 


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