Monday, April 1, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

Since finding Psych on Netflix, it's turned into one of my favorite shoes.  I'm a sucker for most crime-type shows (Criminal Minds, CSI, Rookie Blue, Law and Order:SVU and the list goes on).  I'm also a fan of goofy comedy (What the Office used to be, Community, Big Bang Theory, etc.).  If you take the best of both of those shows and combine them, you have Psych.

The main charcter in Psych is Shawn Spencer.  Since a very young age, his uptight policeman father, Henry, trained him, in the art of fine awareness (not sure if that's a real term). Shawn can be put in an environment and pick up every tiny detail, which makes him a knack for reading people and additionally, solving crimes. 

Now, you can't just join the police force without any formal training, so he has to find another avenue to help out with the police.  He decides to play off his keen observational skills as having psychic ability and opens up a freelance psychic/detective business with his best friend Gus (my favorite character).  The duo frequently work with the Santa Barbara Police Department and solve the toughest crimes, much to the dismay of lead detective, Lassie, who is frequently annoyed by Shawn's comedic antics. 

Since discovering this show, it's become one of my favorite current shows on TV. It's clean, funny and I love the chemistry between Shawn and Gus.

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