Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

As most of you know, yesterday was a crazy day and there were more important things to update my blog (which I've been lazy with anyway).  This week, I went with a movie I wanted to watch for quite a while but I finally got around to seeing it.  Ghost Dog stars Forest Whitaker (as Ghost Dog), a hitman who works for the mafia.  Ghost Dog follows the code of the samurai and is very strict with his interpretation of it. He isn't bad with a sword, uses messenger pigeons and the movie score is by Wu-Tang.

As samurais served as protection way back in the day, Ghost Dog has sworn his allegiance to a mafia boss, Louie, who once saved his life.  Unfortunately, the higher-ups decide Louie has to go and Ghost Dog has a problem with that as he lays down a lot of samurai whoopings.  That results in the mob now hunting him down.

Ghost Dog 1

The movie is not very in-depth and is pretty mindless, but it's a decent watch. And hey, how intriguing is watching a movie about a samurai Forest Whitaker?

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