Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

A day late, but whatever.  Life has been busy, I've been eating too much junk and Mary has had a lot of homework.  Country Music would have been a perfect "final" race but I have ten weeks to go.  Anyway, yeah, you should watch Lincoln Lawyer.

Lincoln Lawyer has an all-start cast with Ryan Phillipe, Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei.  McConaughey plays cheap attorney and Lincoln lawyer, Mickey Haller.  A Lincoln lawyer is a struggling attorney who takes whatever case he can and pretty much lives out of their Lincoln town car. As you can guess, Haller doesn't make much money, he doesn't exactly have high class clientele until one day he believes he has a shot at making it big.  He's hired to defend Louis Roulet (Phillipe), a rich, partyboy, who is accused of brutally beating a woman.  The case sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime.

Well, it doesn't turn out like Haller expects it to.  The case starts to fall apart and both the suspect and victim are not who they appear to be.  If Haller expects to survive, he has to use his own street smarts as well.

This is also a book written by Michael Connelly, who is an author I really enjoy.  It's one of those few movies that is nearly as good as the book.

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