Monday, January 7, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

Life has been busy in the Wietecha household.  We've been getting back on our work schedule, been on the road traveling and I've been pushing Kate all around the house in her new Cozy Coupe.  I'm tempted to track my Cozy Couple mileage while I push her so I can add it into my weekly mileage (with that being said, I'm still mad I didn't track my summer work mileage before my senior year of college at Office Max.  If we weren't with a customer, we had to be walking around the store and with 30-40 hours a week, I easily had an extra 30+ walking miles, on top of my 100ish miles a week of summer training).  As a result of my business, I haven't been able to "waste" my time watching movies on Netflix.  But I did get around to watching a movie I've been waiting to see and it turned out to be pretty good.  Sure, Mary woke up from a deep slumber on the couch and said something along the lines of "what in the world are you watching? Why do you watch crap like this this?".  But hey, at least I enjoyed it.

This thing took forever to put together.  Mary spent well over an hour on it!

This week's movie is going international again.  Maybe it's a subconscious reaction to knowing that I will get smoked by a bunch of international runners this weekend and will bow down to their superiority.   As long as I run well, who cares?  But to make a long story short, another Netflix movie you should check out is Troll Hunter.

Troll Hunter is in Norwegian with English subtitles.  The first thing I learned about the movie is that Norwegian accents are terribly annoying.  But I was able to get past that and get into the movie.

In Troll Hunter, a group of college kids set out to make a documentary on an alleged bear poacher.  The investgate witnesses and Finn, the head of the Norway Wildlife Board.  Through their investitagion, they find a prime suspect...a rough looking chap named Hans (at least 50% of the male population is Scandanavia has to be named Finn or Hans).  After a while, they are able to track down Hans who continually tells them to get lost.  They don't heed his advice and puruse him all over the country.  Eventually, they track him down in the woods at night time.  Rather than him being grumpy and telling them to get lost, he runs past them, yells "troll" and leaves them in the dust.  One of the university kids gets bit but they still won't believe it's a troll.  While most people believe trolls only live in fairy tales, the government really knows they are real life creatures. 
It's a Jotnar!

After a while Hans starts to warm-up a bit and allows the students to follow him as he travels around the country, slaying trolls. The movie is in a documentary format and in a way, is pretty similar to the movie Cloverfield.  Occasionally, the movie gets slow but the troll scenes are pretty cool and the story line slowly sucks you in.  The ending was pretty sudden and somewhat of a cliff hangar but I guess that keeps it somewhat "real" and true to its documentary format.


If you have around 90 minutes to sit still and keep up with the subtitles, this  is a decent little movie.  While I didn't enjoy it as much as Cloverfield, it was something I found some enjoyment out of.

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