Monday, January 7, 2013

Decmber 31st-January 6th Training

Monday: 4.4 miles (7:01); 8.7 miles (7:34)

Tuesday: 3.7 miles (7:21); 7.4 miles (7:01) with 8xhill blasts

Wednesday:  4 miles (7:18); 11 miles with a bombed workout.  The plan was 10 miles at MP or a little faster or if I felt a little off, 3x5k with 1k float.  A couple miles in, I decided to change it to the 5ks.  First one was 16:01 (5:10, 5:07, 5:09), 1k jog at 3:41 and the next one was 15:55 (5:03, 5:07, 5:12). After that, I called it a day because my hip flexors and legs were getting a lot more tired than they should.  Maybe I could have done another one, but I just wasn't feeling it at all.  I also think part of it was that I was expecting this to be much easier than it was.  A month after being in crappy shape, I cruised 10.7 at 5:04 pace, so I thought I could easily run under 5:10.  Frustrating because I wanted this to be my last really hard day.  Looking back, I should have stuck around 5:10s for the first two intervals and then see how I was feeling.

Thursday: 3 miles (6:54); 9.2 miles (6:45)

Friday: 5 miles (6:52); 7.4 miles (7:03)

Saturday: 18.8 miles with 3x5k.   Decided to repeat the workout I attempted Wednesday and if I felt good, push the last mile some.  First 5k was 15:54 (5:09, 5:10, 5:06).  Felt pretty decent.  Was making myself stay around 5:10s.  1k jog in 3:36 and the second 5k was 15:55 (5:10, 5:08, 5:06) and my hamstrings started to become a little bit tired. 1k jog in 3:36 and the last was 15:42 (5:10, 5:10, 4:53).  I was starting to get tired on the second mile but the last one wasn't bad.  I was pushing and had to focus on the pace but I was able to lock into 4:53ish the entire way.  If I ran flat out, I feel like I could have broken 4:40.  Decent workout overall but wish I could have got this done Wednesday.  If so, the plan was going to be 12-14x400m@ 5k pace with 1:00 rest and 16-18 miles tomorrow.  I was going to make this a two run day, but I ran into my semi-neighbor, Will, on the cool-down, so I ran with him for a bit. It was good to get this done in one dose and looking back, I got in "long run" mileage.

Sunday: 8.2 miles (6:54); Skipped 2nd run. Was going to run 4.5 in the evening, but I had a migraine, so I took a 2 hour nap, woke up with a bigger headache and fell asleep for three more hours.

Week Total=90.6 miles.  Volume was a little lower than planned, but that's due to the skipped run yesterday.  I wish my week would have gone more smoothly, but looking at last year's log, I bombed my work about 10 days out from my planned marathon and then ran it well a couple of days later.  I felt like I peaked well last year (even though I didn't race), so things should go well this weekend as well.  I'll run 10ish on most of the days next week and will have a very light workout Wednesday.  Hoping for good weather!


  1. There's a good lesson in those 3x5K workouts - stay patient for the first 2/3rd of the race!

  2. I find that's the key for the marathon, at least for my mindset. In marathon races, I like to zone out for at least 10+ miles. Being around so many runners and being in the heat of the moment makes it too hard to go out too slow, but very easy to go out over your head. I'm hoping to pick off a lot of guys the last 10k and am looking forward to it. Good luck in Phoenix! You should be ready to roll.

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