Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food and my top junk food weakness.  It doesn't help that it's probably one of the worst foods in the world for you.  When I first moved here, Mary and I would celebrate Pizza Monday every signal Monday.  On Monday's you could buy a large Domino's pizza for $5, every Monday.  After the weight started climbing, we decided to cut it down to about once a month and then Domino's had to go ahead and change their recipe which resulted in above average pizza turning into crappy pizza.
Is this part of their new recipe?

We've both always been Papa John's fans.  Sure, it's not as good as Jet's (best in Sumner County) or even on par with Sam's Club (most underrated pizza) but Papa John's hits the spot and they usually will run pretty good deals from time-to-time.

Can't beat Jets! Be sure to order Turbo Crust.

Right now, they are running a promotion where if you pick the correct result of the Super Bowl toss, you will get a free one-topping pizza.  When it comes to coin tosses, I always pick "tails", so I submitted my prediction.  I spoke on behalf of Mary and had her choose "heads." You have to enter by Super Bowl Eve, so be sure to make your prediction.  And it's even more helpful if you have a friend/significant other who has an opposing view.


I'm just glad Papa John found a bunch of extra dough (pun intended) because he went from planning to increase the pizza price, due to not having enough money to pay for insurance for his employees, to being able to give away millions of free pizzas with several promotions over the last few months.  What a stroke of luck!

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