Monday, January 21, 2013

January 14th-20th Training

Monday: No Running.  Left IT band/vastus lateralis is really painful.  Doesn't feel like marathon soreness, just an insane muscle knot.  Hurts whenever the quad flexes.  Upstairs pain is no different than downstairs pain

Tuesday: No Running

Wednesday: 6.7 miles (7:04)

Thursday: 6.1 miles easy

Friday: 3 miles easy; 7 miles easy

Saturday: 17.1 miles (6:38) with 9.72 miles (6:12).  Ran with three people I've never run with before: Daniel Lepage (former Tulsa runner), Jeanette Faber (2:32 marathoner who just moved here) and Lanni Marchant (2:31 marathoner I met in Houston, who is in town visiting her boyfriend most weekends).  Felt really good and smooth.

Sunday: 9.4 miles (6:36)

Week Total=49.3 miles.  Other than the quad pain, recovery went great.  Not sure what which direction I will take training wise.  I'm leaning towards running the Boston Marathon but it's not the most logical choice.

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