Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 7th-13th Training

Monday: 10.3 miles (7:31)

Tuesday: 4.6 miles (6:33); 7.4 miles with 6xhill blasts (7:09)

Wednesday: 10.7 miles with 2x3200m with 800m jog rest, 2x400m with 400m jog rest.  Ended up running 10:13 (5:11, 5:02), 10:09 (5:06, 5:03), 66, 63.  Originally, my plan was 4 miles straight at MP, then 4x400m@5k but I felt a little flat on the first mile and there's no need to force things, so I "easied" it up.  I actually felt pretty decent afterward and probably just needed to warm-up a little better.  The second 3200m section felt easier than the first and I felt good on the 400s.

Thursday: 3 miles (6:33); 7 miles (6:37). Got a Massage at Massage Envy to save some time and money.  Should have gone to Julianna in Nashville because this lady was no good. 

Friday:  6 miles (6:34); 2.36 miles (:11).  Got bored on the plane, so I got some mileage splits from the window.  Pretty fast flying!

Saturday: Ran for 26:15 (3.8 miles?)

Sunday: 27.2 miles with marathon in 2:18:52.  Cold, windy, rainy, deep puddles.  5k splits: 16:41, 16:18, 16:07, 16:30, 16:40, 16:46, 16:15, 16:09. Felt like absolute crap at the mile and I was expecting to see 5:15ish for the split but it was 5:34.  As soon as I saw that, I was expecting to run terribly.  Slowly moved my way up and caught Mike Reneau, Fernando Cabada, Sergio Reyes and two rabbits a little under 5 miles.  Ran with them a while, took the lead once or twice and then got dropped by Cabada, a rabbit and Reyes shortly after halfway.  Fell back 5-10s, caught back up and then ran with Sergio with Cabada and the rabbit dropping out shortly after 15.  Ran side-by-side with Sergio with a small lead over him here and there.  Left him for good at 22.  Was expecting to hit the wall but never did.  Really pleased with the performance and felt like this could have been under 2:15 with ideal weather.  Didn't feel good until 10+ miles.  Left IT band was really tight around halfway and I wasn't sure how it would go.  It got really, really tight, along with my left calf, the last mile, so I backed off.  Don't know how I pulled this off with the effort level I used.  After the race, I was gimping around because it was so painful. 

Week Total: 80 miles. Great week, with a great peak, when I honestly wasn't expecting a ton.  Not sure what I will do as far as recovery goes.


  1. I'd say you ended the week pretty well.

    Well done, Scott. An inspiring performance. I knew you had it in you, but the marathon is so hard to get "right". Great run in those conditions.

  2. Congrats on the huge marathon PR! Very strong performance.

    Hope you can recover quickly from the IT band tightness!