Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday (Wednesday)

Cut me some slack on the lateness, as I've been a lazy bum since Sunday.  I'm deciding to go old school with my next pick, as in two years before my birth.  This week, I'm suggesting you check out the Warriors.

The Warriors is set in futuristic New York City. Unruly gangs and cops fight over their battle to rule the streets.  Cyrus, the leader of the Gramery Riffs (terrible name) decides to call all the gangs to Van Cortland Park to call a truce, so they can team up and rule the city.


Most of the gangs are fans of the idea, except Luther, leader of the Rogues, doesn't like it at all.  He assassinates Cyrus and blames it on the gang known as the Warriors.  The Warriors try to quickly escape as now, every gang is out for revenge.  The Riffs use the radio to call out a hit on the Warriors and which gives them trouble around every corner as they are hunted down by other gangs and try to make it to safety.

Batter Up!
And you thought the Bloods looked tough?

Will they make it back? Will the other gangs find out the truth?  You just have to check it out.  It's pretty cheesy, especially for a gang type movie, but I enjoyed it.  Being from the 70s, it's much cleaner than most movies today and it's worth 90 minutes of your time.