Sunday, February 2, 2014

Netflix Pick of the Week

Last week, I started watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix.  They only have the first two season, but I went through them pretty quickly.  Bob's Burgers is a cartoon that comes on Fox and is about the happenings of Bob and his family as they try to run their burger joint.  It's actually a really funny show and even Mary likes it!

If you couldn't tell from the title of the show, Bob is the main character.  He owns a burger joint and is a normal guy who just wants to make his burgers without much shenanigans.  While the dude can make pretty tasty burgers, he constantly has bad luck with everything and has trouble keeping his business afloat.

Linda is Bob's wife.  She reminds me of a mixture of an elementary-school room mom with that kooky aunt that a lot of you had growing up (I don't have any kooky aunts). She's a loyal wife, always loud and overly excited and can be a pretty big pushover.  

Tina is the oldest kid in the family and takes the role of a socially-awkward nerd.  She mumbles a lot, groans even more and loves horses, butts, and Jimmy Jr.  

Gene is like a more ADHD version of Chris, from the Family Guy.  He is always loud, easily manipulated and identifies more with the fairer sex.  He also likes to jam out on his old school Casio keyboard and make farting and other sound effects.

Louise is my favorite character in the show.  She's the youngest child but normally is the boss of her siblings. She's aggressive, manipulative, has a dark sense of humor and doesn't take any crap.  She also always wears pink bunny ears.

The show has done really well and has just been renewed for a fifth season, which means I have some catching up to do.  It was written to take over the void King of the Hill left (another good show).  And with episodes being less than thirty minutes, it's the perfect thing to watch while I'm feeding Ellis.

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