Friday, February 28, 2014

Kevin Castille Article

In last month's Running Times magazine, there was an article on the life and upbringing of Kevin Castille, who is an insanely fast Master's runner.  I've only been in the same race as him a few times, but every time I race him I get nervous.  Yeah, there shouldn't be anything wrong with losing to a guy who can run under 29 minutes for the 10k and the guy seems like a nice enough fellow. But who wants to get beat by a Master's runner? No offense to the 40 and up crowd but it's always very "humbling" when we get smoked by you.

At 41 years of age, Kevin is running times that make really fast college guys envious.  He definitely had a non-traditional upbringing and seems to have a simple approach to life and training, which I'm always a fan of. Life without running is complicated, so don't let running make it even more so.

The article is a great read and motivates me to train hard in case we have a showdown at the U.S. 25k Championships again this May.

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