Monday, February 11, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

This week's pick, Slither, hits home to me, being it's one of my favorite type of movies (B-horrors) and takes place in the state I grew up in, South Carolina. 

Back in the South Carolina boonies, an alien meteorite crashes into the ground.  Grant Grant (that's not a typo) is frolicking in the woods with the local bar sleaze, Brenda, since things aren't going too hot with this wife, when he says the meteor.  Like any country boy, he decides to visit it to see what it was.  Unluckillingly, he is infected by an alien parasite from the alien metor, which doesn't turn out too well for him.   The parasite goes on to control his mind and body while transforming him into a raw meat-eating, octupus looking individual.

He also goes on to infect Brenda, who now has hundreds of baby aliens growing inside her.  The baby aliens get out and start to infect the town residents. Since Grant is the alien head honcho, he can control them with his thoughts and has plans to infect everyone in the world.  Did I mention that the infected are molding into Brenda, to create an even more massive individual?

Grant's wife can tell something is wrong since he constantly disappears and begins to act weird. She confides in the town sheriff, who goes on to investigate the situation.  They begin to catch on to what's really happening and do their best to battle the alien invaders and save the planet.

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