Monday, February 4, 2013

January 28th-February 3rd Training

Monday: No running. Skipped my first run because I felt badly and later on went to bed with a fever, chills/sweats and sore throat.  I even had to miss the last 15 minutes of a two-part Criminal Minds episode.

Tuesday: No running. Went to the doctor and tested positive for the Type A flu.

Wednesday: No running.

Thursday: 2.6 miles (6:44); 5.4 miles (6:44)

Friday: 5.3 miles (6:46); 9.2 miles (6:35)

Saturday: 9 miles with 4.74 miles of 1:00 on/off (5:32).  Goal was to slowly work into this and if I felt good, run harder towards the end.  Felt pretty drained on the first two but I felt better as the workout progressed.  Afterwards, I felt like I probably averaged 4:40ish pace on the fast part but I averaged a little under 4:25, starting out around 4:40 and working down to as fast as 4:12.  Hamstrings were tired on the last few but didn't redline. Pretty windy out; 5.1 miles (7:17)

Sunday: 14.2 miles (6:12). Was planning on a hilly 21ish mile long run.  Felt weak at the start and had to end it early because I was getting really dizzy and lightheaded.  Even had to walk home for about 1.5 miles, and I HATE having to walk. It takes way too much time and makes me feel like I've been completely defeated.  I guess my body was low on carbs from the hard workout yesterday and from fighting the flu. Who knows? Before crashing, I was running low 6:00 pace for a while and it felt super easy. The hill on Long Hollow squashed me and I felt like I was running well over 9:00 pace on Longview. I hate that hill; 5.9 miles (6:58)

Week Total= 56.6 miles. Originally, the plan was to get in the lower 100s with 16-20mx400m@5k pace with 1:00 jog and then a 6400m tempo run with 4x400m@3k and then I was going to cap it off with a 20 miler with 16ish in the 5:30s but the flu defeated that plan. I'm just surprised I got over it so quickly. I had the same thing  last February but had to take six days off and had a fever for five days. This time, I only had a fever for a day and was only in bed for about 12 hours (nearly 48 hours last time). I hate losing this week when I don't have a lot time but I'll take the super fast flu recovery. Next week, I'll see if I can work into the 100s with a steady long run, progression tempo and maybe some 800s at 5kish pace.


  1. Just curious: How do you decide on your workouts? Do you work with a coach? Set a plan ahead of time? Or is it a week-by-week decision?

  2. Ill break my training season into three phases and then make a roughish plan of my ideal scenario, with the goal of hitting the end of each phase at my desired fitness level.

    When things dont go as planned, the balance is thrown off some, so I do my best to figure out which workouts will give me that balance back and put me where I want to be by the end of the phase.

    At first, I was too insecure to coach myself, but now I feel like I figured out my body and understand how it responds to different workouts. If I ever get really confused on something, I'll ask someone for a second opinion.