Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Interpretation

Even though the readers of this are mainly myself and a couple other runners, I am hoping that one day a Hollywood script writer stumbles upon my blog.  It worked for some guy who posted a storyline about modern day Marines, who traveled back to ancient Greece and fought the Spartans.  It sounds like a dumb movie, but the guy made some cold hard cash for the storyline.  And of course, you have Sophia Stewart, who claims the Coen brothers stole the storyline of the Matrix from a writing she submitted to them back in the 80s.  Since I occasionally have some awesome, random dreams, I figure this would be a good place to put them (and in case a dream interpreter stumbles upon it, feel free to let me know how messed up I am).

In one of my dreams last week, I found myself in a sticky situation.  I was minding my own business when all of a sudden, I was kidnapped by Richard Gecko (better known as Quentin Tarrantino) who is a bad-tempered psychotic individual from the movie "From Dusk till Dawn".  And to make matters worse, he joined forces with the villians from The Goonies and he was taking me back to their hideout in Oregon, so I could be held for ransom.

On the way to their hideout, he got pretty hungry, so we stopped by Cracker Barrel for some dinner.  He wasn't pleased with the way the waiter was treating him and if you've seen "From Dusk till Dawn", you know he has a tendency to snap.  Well, snap he did, and he went on a rampage, attacking the waiter and the other co-workers.

While the ruckus was taking place, I managed to sneak out the back.  But when I left the restaurant, I wasn't in Oregon anymore, but by the creek near my childhood home in South Carolina. Richard left the restaurant, got his older brother Seth, and then they tried to track me down.

Luckily I played it smart, stayed off the roads and cut through people's backyards in order to not get spotted.  Luckily they didn't send Sloth from the Goonies after me and I woke up before I was captured.  If that's not a multimillion dollar blockbuster script, I don't know what is!