Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 18th-24th Training

Monday: 6 miles (7:10); 10.8 miles (7:27)

Tuesday: 11.9 miles with 6xhill blast (7:22); 3.4 miles (7:35)

Wednesday: 4 miles (6:52); 14 miles with 10 miles on/off at 2:25/2:40 average (5:05 total average).  I was going into the workout hoping to run sub 5:05/5:25 pace.  Based on where I am in my training right now, the focus was on the fast portion, so I would slow it down, if needed.  Both paces were really easy at first, but I decided to wait until six of them were done until I picked it up a little.  Started running faster and faster at that point and it felt pretty controlled until after the ninth one and I saw Rodney on the last one and he drove beside me in his truck on the last one, which made me run harder.  The last one hurt but overall a great workout.  I don't think I could have done this before Houston.  2:42/2:27=5:09, 2:38/2:28=5:06, 2:40/2:28=5:08, 2:41/2:29=5:10, 2:38/2:26=5:04, 2:39/2:28=5:07, 2:41/2:25=5:06, 2:39/2:24=5:02, 2:43/2:18=5:01, 2:44/2:16=5:00

Thursday: 6 miles (7:12); 3 miles (6:59).  Had a third run planned but I couldn't head out the door until after 7:00pm and it 35 degrees with a steady rain, so I passed on that.  I only got about four hours of sleep last night, so I figured going to bed earlier would do me well.

Friday: No Running.  Went home sick from work and felt like crap.  Body aches, chills, low grade fever, headache, nausea.  Went to bed at 11am and didn't get up or eat/drink anything until the next morning. Mary had something similar to this earlier in the week, so I bet Wednesday's workout, combined with a terrible night of sleep beat up my immune system.

Saturday: 9.3 miles with "10k" (really 5.65 miles, per my Garmin) at 5:10 pace. I probably should have skipped this and almost decided several times that morning that I would bail on it but started anyway.  Connor Kamm won the 5k 45 minutes earlier and was doubling back and I was running "fresh." My goal was to go out really hard, in hopes he let me go.  I felt crappy at first but found my rhythm a few miles in.  They turned us around about a 1/4 mile early on one stretch, which shortened it up a good bit.  Ended up getting the win by a little over 1:30. Really struggled on the two big hills.  No mile markers for some reason.; 3.7 miles (7:01). Felt like crap after this run, with yesterday's symptoms coming back, with the addition of some McDonald's McNuggets being tossed back out a few times.

Sunday: No running. Feel like the sickness is gone but was too weak to do anything except for lay on the couch, watch TV and play Xbox. Appetite still gone.

Week Total= 72.2 miles. Was on schedule for nearly 120, before the sickness curtailed me.  Really pleased with Wednesday's workout and will hit it up pretty hard this next week.

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