Monday, December 3, 2012

November 26th-December 2nd Training

Monday: 5.3 miles (7:04); 8.8 miles (7:26)

Tuesday: 10.2 miles (6:36); 5.9 miles with 6xhill blasts (7:30)

Wednesday: 4 miles (6:56); 16.1 miles with 10.7 at marathon effort (5:05). Man, good workout. The plan was to run 10 miles around 5:10-5:15 pace. I ran down-and-back one side of Lower Station Camp (about 1.8 miles each way). I was dreading this run and the pace felt fast at first but the effort was easy aerobically. Loosened up throughout the run and felt better with each down-and-back section. Decided to run all the way to the stop sign, instead of stopping at 10 miles because I felt so good. Kept this under control and kept on reminding myself to run marathon effort, not tempo effort. Could have done another down-and-back without much trouble and I feel like I could have done two more if I gritted my teeth down some. My cooldown was around 7:00 pace, which shows that I had a lot left. Normally, I would expect to run it around 8:00-9:00 pace. (54:33=5:09, 5:08, 5:11, 5:08, 5:07, 5:07, 5:06, 5:05, 5:01, 5:02, 3:29)

Thursday: 4 miles (7:05); 12 miles (6:55)

Friday: 5.7 miles (6:42); 8.6 miles with a mile of easy ins/outs (7:09)

Saturday: 13.5 miles with 7.3 miles tempo (4:56). Ran the 12k at the 12South Warm-Up. Plan was to keep it at 4:55-5:00 pace on my GPS. Took the lead about a 1/4 mile in and was alone the rest of the way. They didn't have mile markers, and I had my auto-lap turned off, so I didn't get most of the splits. I hit the GPS four mile mark at 19:45 and then ran 5:03, 5:10, 4:42 for the next three miles. The course was pretty rolling and was two laps. I felt a little tired after the first but was able to hold onto the same pace without an increase in effort (except the hills were tougher the second lap). I was at 4:56 pace after lap 1, so I ran them really close in speed. Felt really good and the downhill finish made things easier. Happy I recovered so quickly from Wednesday. 123.3 miles over the last seven days (new lifetime PR)

Sunday: 9.6 miles (6:44); 5.5 miles (7:35)

Week Total=115.7 miles. One of my best weeks ever.  I feel like my marathon gas tank is getting strong. Rather than progressively slowing down in workouts, I'm able to hold on for a long time. Finished my antibiotics on Sunday and my congestion is almost gone. This week will be tough with a hard marathon workout on Tuesday and then the Rocket City Marathon on Saturday. I'm hoping to run 2:25-2:30 (if the weather is ideal). I'm seeded first but I don't expect to run hard enough to win. If there are no other entrants, I feel like I can get second and keep it under control. I'm hoping to hide out in the chase pack for 20+ miles and then move up when it dwindles down.

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