Monday, December 10, 2012

December 3rd-9th Training

Monday: 5.7 miles (7:07); 9.6 miles (7:38)

Tuesday: 10.3 miles (7:11). Bombed workout.  Plan was 4x5k@sub 16:00 with 1k recovery jog at sub 6 pace.  My legs have felt dead yesterday, so I knew this would be tough.  Ran just under a mile at 5:21 pace before calling it a day.  When I'm running a workout like this, I need to be fresh enough to hit the times.  If not, I need to scrap it and try something again in a day or two.  Frustrating but it is what it is; 5.1 miles (7:01)

Wednesday:  4 miles (6:49); 12.3 miles with 11.5 medium progression. Plan was 3.5 miles at 6:05, 4 miles at 5:40, 4 miles at 5:15.  Ended up at 21:07 (5:58, 6:05, 6:00, 3:04), 22:25 (5:40, 5:35, 5:36, 5:34), 20:52 (5:15, 5:13, 5:13, 5:11).  Took a while until I felt smooth.  Second section was easier than expected and I had to focus on the pace and push a little bit on the last portion.  Felt really good at the end though.

Thursday: 4 miles; 12 miles (6:50)

Friday: 5.7 miles (6:55);  Was planning on a shake-out in Huntsville but I got in too late.  Weather started out in the mid 50s and worked to low/mid 60s.  Wind was 10-12mph.  Started out in a big pack nice and slow at 6:11, 6:01. After that, people started separating. Wojciec took off and everyone let him go. Eventually Geoffrey and Peter went with him and I let them go and hung with the 5th place finisher for a few miles. I left him around 5-6 miles and missed my fuel bottle at seven miles. Was about 30s behind the top 3 at 9 miles and caught up shortly before the halfway point. Hung behind them because the headwind was so strong. Once we turned off the long highway, you could really feel the heat. After a few miles, I went to the front to share the work. Had to pee around 16-17 miles but couldn't go. Wojciec feel back a few times but rallied back. At 18-19 or so, I dropped the pace about 10 seconds and broke everyone but Geoffrey. Around 21, Geoffrey surged and wanted me to go with him but I let him go. Started getting a little tired around 24 and backed off the last mile. 

Effort was really easy the first 20 miles. Almost too easy. Only took in about 200-250 calories and about 20-25 ounces of fluids. After the race, my stomach and head really hurt so I took a long nap before taking in anything. Felt like I could have beaten Geoffrey but it wasn't worth the effort with Houston around the corner. 

Saturday: 9.4 miles (6:57); 4.5 miles (7:31)

Week Total=109.9 miles.  Good week with the marathon.  I ran a little harder than I wanted but the effort was easy.  No soreness other than some soleus tightness on both legs on Sunday.  My left foot is swollen behind the big toe.  Have some tendonitis going on there and it creaks if I pull my toes back.  Doesn't hurt while I run but I'll still treat it. 

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