Monday, December 31, 2012

Netflix Movie Monday

This week's pick is a movie I saw earlier in the summer at the suggestion of several people.  I comletely forgot about it until my brother mentioned it this weekend.  Pulling John is a documentary about John Brzenk, who has been dominating the arm-wrestling scene for the past 25 years. 


The documentary makers follow John for a few years as he travels the world, seeking out the best competition and record his amazing journey.  At 40 years old, John doesn't know whether to retire at the top or wait until someone takes the throne from him.  The movie also profiles two competitors who are big threats to John: Travis Bagent, a young West Virginia kid and Alexey Voevoda, a Russian looking to bring pride back to the motherland.  

He can't retire until he faces this guy


Even if you aren't a jacked-up alpha male like myself, you'll enjoy this film.  It gives a good inside look to the world of arm-wrestling and gives you more of an appreciation for the sport.

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