Tuesday, November 20, 2012

October 12th-18th Training

Monday: 4 miles (6:48); 10.1 miles (7:26)

Tuesday: 11.7 miles (5:38) with about 11.25 medium (5:33).  Got out the door pretty quickly, so I was able to squeeze in a little bit extra. Ran 5:45s on the way down with a headwind and 5:25s on the way back with an easier effort.  Felt good and smooth. 5.5 miles (6:49)

Wednesday: 4.5 miles (7:16); 9.1 miles (7:16)

Thursday: 4 miles (7:07); 13.6 miles with 20x400m with 1:00 jog rest. Total time was 22:13. Was hoping to run 70-71s and ran the first 4 in the 68-69 range, next four in 66-67, next five in 64-65, then 66 six times in a row and finished with 65. Because I have a hard, more important workout in 36 hours, I kept on making sure that I was relaxed and smooth.  The 'rasslin team came out for a while, which is probably why I sped up in the middle.  After they left, I made myself slow down.  Really good workout.  I felt like I could have easily done 10 more and I was never struggling during the workout.

Friday: 5.3 miles (7:05); 8 miles (7:19)

Saturday: 15.7 miles with 5x2.1 miles at Moss Wright Park with 1k steady jog rest.  I'm starting to come down with a cold or something, so I just wanted to break 5:20s.  After the 5th recovery jog, I was going to add 3/4 of a mile close to 3:30.  Averaged 5:59 pace for my recovery jog. 1st loop=10:57 (5:15, 5:11).  Felt smooth and was surprised with the time.  2nd loop=10:57 (5:10, 5:14). There was a race going on, which made me get out too hard the first mile, so I backed off. 3rd loop=11:09 (5:20, 5:17). Felt a little flat from the last one 4th loop=11:08 (5:20, 5:15). Debated making this my last, but I was turning into a pessimist instead of gritting down and going with the flow. The hill beat me up on this loop. 5th loop=11:31 (5:21, 5:37). I could tell early on that I was getting drained and then fell apart after the mile. I crawled up the hill and was trashed after the workout.  Running just under 9 minutes for the cool down mile completely exhausted me. I had a low fever when I got home, which became higher throughout the day. Also ran this after eating very little for the prior 16 hours, so I may had been a tad low on carbs.  I don't understand why I crashed so badly/suddenly.  Normally it's a gradual process.  Skipped 2nd run

Sunday: 10.7 miles (7:15ish); 4.5 miles (7:16)

Week Total= 106.7 miles.  Eh volume, which would have been higher if I got in my planned 20 for Saturday. At one point during the week, I had 115 miles for the prior seven days, so I can't just look at Monday-Sunday.  Really pleased with the Thursday evening, Saturday morning combo.  I feel like I'm starting to get pretty fit and am close to my goal of being close to 65 minute half-marathon shape by the end of the month.  Hopefully this sickness/virus doesn't linger too long because now, marathon training begins.

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