Monday, November 26, 2012

November 19th-25th

Monday: 5.7 miles (6:47); Skipped 2nd run because I felt sick/rundown

Tuesday: 3 miles (7:11). I was planning a 12 mile medium progression (4x3 miles@6:05, 5:40, 5:15) but I felt really weak from the get-go. Winded at a mile and tired at the end; Skipped 2nd run because I felt really sick

Wednesday: 4 miles (6:43); 8.7 miles (7:10)

Thursday: 11.6 miles with 5 mile race in 25:30. If I hadn't already preregistered, I wouldn't have run this because I still felt really rundown and the congestion has moved into my chest. Before the sickness, the plan was 5 miles tempo at 5:00 pace, but now, I was hoping to run it at 5:10 pace without falling apart. The course isn't certified and I came out at 5.24 on my GPS and 5.19 after I retraced it. Mile splits with Garmin distances: 4:54 (1.02), 4:57 (1:02), 5:03 (1.04), 4:52 (.95), 5:45 (1.22). 1st two were nice and controlled, struggled on a hill during the 4th and felt really good during the 5th. I felt like I could have done this twice in a row, if I would have had people to run with. I was alone after 1/2 mile and was glad to get the win, despite being pretty sick. Overall, I was happy with how I ran, considering it was controlled and that I was sick; 4.7 miles (7:16)

Friday: 6.3 miles (7:21); 9.2 miles (6:58). Went to the doctor today because my chest and my ears were really hurting last night. Found out I had a pretty bad ear infection in my right ear, so I'm on some antibiotics the next 10 days. 

Saturday: 9.4 miles (6:34); 6 miles (7:23)

Sunday: 19.5 miles with 17 miles medium (5:36). Plan was 22ish with 18-20 at 5:35-5:40.  Took my time to get moving and ran some pretty big negative splits.  The pace felt really relaxed and controlled and I was planning on doing 20 at the faster pace but around 15.5 miles, I started to get really light-headed and it got progressively worse, so I called it at 17 and ran a mile cooldown. The dizziness was really random. I ate dinner about 13-14 hours before the run, with nothing afterward but I don't feel it was glycogen issues because my legs felt so good and relaxed and it came out of nowhere. Maybe my blood sugar was out of whack or something; 3.2 miles (7:23)

Week Total= 91.3 miles. I was hoping to get in 115-120 this week, but the sickness curtailed it. I'm happy with how Thursday and Sunday went, considering the issues I had. After Sunday's session, I feel confident I can run a controlled 2:25 at Rocket City because I'll hopefully be healthy, will have a big breakfast and take fuel during the run, and also will have two more weeks of fitness behind me.


  1. You still running Houston?

    Thursday and Sunday should be good confidence boosters. Those were solid runs.

    1. Yeah, going to book my hotel tonight. Rocket City is five weeks before and I'm using it a steady long run and somewhat of a dress rehearsal. I'll go the fulldistance if I feel good. Are you headed back to Boston?

    2. I don't think I'll run Boston this year (although I don't want to completely rule it out, b/c that would inevitably mean in January I'll change my mind). I think I'm going to run a lower key marathon in the early spring (try to really work on dialing in my hydration / fueling)... then probably focus on the 1/2 champs in June and wait and see what USATF announces as the marathon championship for next year.